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Arrowhead K-8 Staff Contact Information

*Teachers with an asterisk(*) in front of their name have a staff and classroom page available on this site. Click on their name to open the page.

Mollie Waldum, County Superintendent - 


*Erin Baer, Special Education/Supervising Teacher -


Crystal Cropper, Paraprofessional -


Johannah Lowy, KG Instructional Aide - 

*Maria Rose, 1st/2nd Grade Teacher -


*Tessa Vought, MS Teacher -


*Kim Newhouse, SPED Paraprofessional -


*Julia Reichert, Art & Music Teacher/ Instructional Aide -


Glenda Roberts, Food Service Director -


Cinda Self, District Clerk -

Laura Coolack, Bus Driver - 

Billi Taylor, Literacy Grant Coordinator -

Park County Special Education Cooperative:

Jenny Malloy, Director,


Alyssa Miller, Speech Pathologist,

Casey Samollow, School Psychologist,

Angie Holmes, Occupational Therapist,

Caroline Rehder, Physical Therapist,

Bridget Kelly, Behavior Analyst,

Jasmine Hayden, Behavior Technician,


Paige Fetterhoff, Clerk

Billi Taylor, Mental Health Grant Program Coordinator

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